Have an idea for a mobile app? An electronic gadget? Or an app that works with an electronic gadget?

If you have an idea for a product that requires electronic engineering and/or software integration, YouTronix™ can make it happen! From concept, to prototype, to manufacturing, we can turn your idea into a reality — all at a price within reach. We only do the work... you keep your ideas and intellectual property. Period.

We Bring Together Your Ideas with Our Design and Manufacturing to Create Your Product

It All Starts with Your Idea... See the steps it requires to take your idea from concept to final product.

You Dream It. We Build It. You Keep It. Have your product created without giving up ownership of your idea.

YouTronix is a team. Your team.

Consisting of electrical engineers and software programmers, each with a specialized area of expertise, along with a designer/creative director, led by a seasoned engineer/businessman and partnered with Quality Systems Manufacturing. Together, we create products from your ideas, without taking ownership.


YouTronix was formed to help those with ideas,

like you, with a feasible option to produce those ideas — from start to finish. With team members in both Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California (all manufacturing is done in San Diego), you can rest easy knowing your product is being produced right here in the United States, and not overseas, which translates into quality and control.


Why Choose YouTronix™ to Build Your Product?

  • Keep Ownership of Your Ideas: YouTronix does not take ownership or have you sign over the rights to your intellectual property. It’s your idea. It’s your product. It stays yours.
  • Access to Everything In One Place: Engineers, Designers, Consultants, Software Programmers, Manufacturers
  • EMade In the U.S.A.: Have peace of mind your product will be produced in the U.S.A. and not overseas.
  • High Quality Manufacturing: Know you are getting high quality manufacturing for your product.
  • Affordable Price: You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars for us to turn your idea into a reality.

Who Should Use YouTronix?

YouTronix™ was created for everyday people as well as inventors of electronic gadgets, toys, apps and software who want to take their ideas to the next level and make them a reality — without giving up ownership of their ideas — at an affordable price. We also offer any of our in-house services a la carte for products that are already in the infancy stages of development but need to be built upon and either finished through the stages of product design, prototype development and manufacturing, or just to the client’s preferred stage. For example, if the client just wants some software integrated into their already existing product, or just needs a prototype built, we can solely complete those assigned tasks. We also work with companies that may need some assistance with products of their own.


Manufacturing , Fabrication, and Assembly Operations in San Diego California, USA

What We Do

Linking Your Ideas with Our Technology to Create Reality!

So you have an idea? Your “baby.” Maybe it’s an idea for a product you think will revolutionize the way something is done? And now you want to make that GREAT idea of yours a reality… but you don’t want to sign-over your idea, or “give your baby away,” in order to produce it. That’s where YouTronix comes in.

  • Consultation
  • Software Programming
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Software Integration
  • Product Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Graphic Design

We work on all the aspects of the development of your product by providing the necessary services in planning, design, software, hardware and manufacturing. Graphic design services are also included, so your product will be ready to market. Additionally, we can provide consultation, if needed, in the areas of business plan development, financing, and matters concerning protection of intellectual property. We provide all these services to make your idea a reality, without taking any ownership of it.


The Process

How do I get started? How does my idea become an actual product? Here is the process from Idea to Production:

Contact Us

The first step is up to YOU! Give us a call, 702.232.7819, or use the form on our Contact page. You will then be contacted by someone from the YouTronix™ team to set up your FREE Consultation. Just remember, we can’t start to make your dream a reality until you take the first step!

NCND Agreement Signed

It’s important for you to protect your idea and feel comfortable discussing it with us. So before we even talk about your idea for your product, we sign a NCND agreement. It is a non-disclosure agreement that states it is YOUR idea and we will not take ownership of it. In other words, we’re not going to steal it or have you sign it over to us. It’s YOURS and stays yours.

FREE Consultation

You and the YouTronix team discuss your idea. You tell us how awesome it is, what you want to accomplish, and your expectations. We listen. Then tell you our thoughts and what we can do for you.

Preliminary Proposal

If you decide after your consultation you want to work with us and move forward with the development of your project, we come up with a Preliminary Proposal. The preliminary proposal will include the details of your project, what YouTronix will do, the estimated cost and hours, and the retainer needed to start. NOTE: The estimate does NOT include the price of manufacturing. If you choose to have us handle the manufacturing of your product, a separate estimate will be created after the working prototype is complete.

Feasibility Study

After you approve the Preliminary Proposal, we conduct a Feasibility Study. Basically, it is a quick research study to see if your product can theoretically be produced within the desired time frame and budget. Is it doable or not? If we find in the Feasibility Study your product cannot be produced within reasonable guidelines, we will not take on your project and you are under no obligation to us.

Revised/Final Proposal

If any revisions need to be made to the Preliminary Proposal after the the Feasibility Study is conducted, and the revisions are still within a reasonable time frame and budget that you approve, then a revised Final Proposal of your project will be created for your approval. Time to get started!

Proof of Concept

With your approval of the Final Proposal, we get to working on the development of your product. This is where the fun begins! The engineers physically start working on the interior of your product — building from the inside out (think wires, circuit boards, buttons, and the like). Electronic engineering, software programming, and electronic integration are performed at this stage and the principles, workability and constructability of your product are tested. It’s alive!

Product Design

After the Proof of Concept is developed and approved, it’s time to create the outside or external casing of your product. This is when your product gets its good looks. Our designer(s) will work with you to design your product by coming up with preliminary 2D mock-ups. When the 2D design is finalized, a 3D model is created of your product to approve and/or modify. NOTE: Some clients may already have the product designed when they come to us and that is fine. We will work with the design supplied to us by the client (and make modifications if necessary).

Prototype Development

This is where the magic happens! We marry the interior workings and outside design of your product to create a working prototype! In this stage, we refine the working model of your product to the point where it is ready to be produced. Once the prototype is refined and finalized, it is ready for production. Your “dream” is now a reality!


If you would like for us to take care of your manufacturing needs, your prototype will then go to our manufacturing affiliate located here in the U.S.A., Quality Systems Integrated Corporation (QSIC), where they will develop the cost of the manufactured unit. Once you approve it, the manufacturing process of your product begins! We chose QSIC as our manufacturing affiliate because we wanted a manufacturer with superior quality standards and service, as well as being located in the United States. We think it is important for you to have a trusted “partner” to create your product that was once your dream idea.

Graphic Design Services

YouTronix also provides graphic design services to help make your product market-ready. Graphic design services can be built into your initial proposal if you know from the beginning you will be utilizing these services. But they can also be added on at any time during the development and/or manufacturing of your product or soon after. These services include logo development, advertising/marketing materials (direct mail, advertisements, handouts, sell sheets), collateral (business cards, brochures, letterhead), website design, signage, product photography, and package design. Just ask if there is something else you need that is not listed.

Contact Us

Ready to get started? Or, simply, have questions? Contact Us for a FREE Consultation!